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Health & Safety Policy

Leeson’s Logging & Cartage in conjunction with associated companies conducts Road Transport, Logging, Field and Workshop Maintenance, and Administrative activities which have the potential to cause accidents. In order to minimise health and safety risk in its operations including all Mill destinations, Leeson’s Logging & Cartage is committed to incorporating occupational health and safety practices in process design, operating procedures, training and management policy.

Every member of Leeson’s Logging & Cartage whatever their role, has the primary responsibility to ensure that the work they undertake or supervise is carried out safely and without injury.

As the dedicated OH&S Manager, I aim too work with all our employers and employees to making sure that everyone gets home. To ensure that this commitment is understood and accepted in our operations, we specifically undertake to:

  • Conduct operations in compliance with all the relevant health and safety regulations, legislation and licenses
    • By having Operators that are all accredited in their field and FOLS registered.
    • By having all machinery compliant with MOPS & FOPS regulations
    • By keeping abreast with of important releases and topics such as CoR via
      • Worksafe Victoria
      • NHVR


  • Give priority to Health and Safety factors in new process and project design through
    • Leeson’s Safety Alerts
    • Running Toolbox meetings with employees
    • Continuous equipment improvements.
    • Continuous process improvement.


  • Maintain a high level of Safety awareness throughout the organisation and through training and employee participation, pursue a program of Health and Safety risk reduction through continuous
    • Ongoing operator assessments to assist with any training requirements
    • Employee surveys.
    • Employee reporting/feedback.
    • Operator Assessments.
    • Weather warnings e.g. extreme heat or cold, followed up with hydration programs and machine checks for heating/air conditioning.


  • Require that all employees, supervisors, managers and contractors work according to established safety practices and procedures, accepting responsibility for their own safety behaviour and that of fellow workers.
    • Through Safety Inductions as a new employee
    • Through access to Safe Work procedures at induction and anytime thereafter
    • By making sure that everyone is accountable from the general manager to the truck washer.
    • By engaging with the employees to empower them to feel they can call out and report any unsafe behavior no matter who it is being done by.


  • Promote the rehabilitation and the return to work of injured persons, and as swiftly as possible, in the event that an accident should occur to
    • Engage with injured employees to understand what tasks they can perform and by having everything from an office to a workshop has always provided us a huge amount of flexibility for us and the employee
    • Make sure that the injured person is receiving Newsletters, Safety Alerts and any Safety meetings or Toolboxes meeting they may be able to attend.


  • Ensure that management, employees and contractors are aware of this policy, with adherence to this policy a condition of employment for all on-site contractors.
    • Through Safety Inductions as a new employee
    • By regular toolbox meetings of any changes/additions made to company policy
    • Company Safety Meetings


  • Require that personal safety is integrated into work practices and decision making and is considered in assessment of individual performance through
    • Take 5 reminders via text messages/ newsletters/ toolbox meetings
    • Approached safety in all mediums




If you have any questions or queries then please contact Anita via our contact us page or call the office 03 5199 2768.


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