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Opportunities exist in the Gippsland area for experienced Operators.

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Information about our business

Leeson’s Logging & Cartage are a third generation business operating for over 45 years and has been solely owned for 37 years. Our company operates a range of mechanical harvesting and loading machinery along with haulage of processed logs to the various mills.

This activity is supported by two workshops that we are in the process of merging into a single workshop to improve efficiencies and an administration office – all located at the one site in Rosedale.  The Rosedale operation is supported by our new yard in Morwell used for washing, parking and some maintenance of the haulage fleet. 

Our Haulage Company, Pine Freighters Pty Ltd runs a fleet of B-Doubles, Twin Steer Prime Movers.

Our Harvesting Company, Leewright Pty Ltd has machines ranging from Harvesters, Forwarders, Grader, and a Dozer that are currently harvesting softwood and hardwood plantations across Gippsland.

Based in Gippsland and across both haulage and harvesting there are 23 associated fleet vehicles including bush service vehicles.

In conjunction with the equipment we have 68 employees combining management and an operational structure that provides a fit for purpose service and operational flexibility to our partners. 


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